Of The Earth is an environmentally focused handmade paper manufacturer. Our logo is an allegory of our idealized world; the people and plants in harmony with the earth in a circular flow of renewal and regeneration through responsibility.

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Seed Paper Hearts
Handmade Paper Hearts with Seeds These 1.75" x 1.5" seed paper heart shapes have been die-cut from our #24s handmade paper stock. They have 10 species of annual and perennial wildflower seeds embedded so they will sprout into a garden of flowers if planted and cared for. They are sold in sets of 50 and ship right away. The paper is made in Seattle from our 100% tree free cotton fibers and include pink larkspur petals for a touch of color.
Set of 50 Pink Petal Seed Paper Hearts
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$7.50 for 50 hearts

purple seed paper hearts
Set of 50 Purple Petal Seed Paper Hearts
white seed paper hearts
Set of 50 White Seed Paper Hearts
printed seed paper hearts
Set of 50 Forever Seed Paper Hearts
printed seed paper hearts Love
Set of 50 Love Seed Paper Hearts
Our unique blend of wildflower seeds has been carefully chosen to include seeds that will thrive in all of the growing regions found in North America. The plants tolerate partial shade, need four hours a day of direct sunlight and grow to about three feet high. Seeds include Spurred Snapdragon,Tussock Bellflower, Creeping Thyme, Lilac Godetia, Foxglove, Catchfly, Monkeyflower, English Daisy, Red Corn Poppy and Showy Evening Primrose.

Germination may begin as quickly as one week or may take up to six weeks depending on your growing zone, planting depth and season.  We recommend just 1/4" soil coverage.

seed paper in bloom

This picture shows some of the flowers in bloom

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