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DIY Invitation Kits

Lotka (Cut Edge)       Lotka (Torn Edge)       Cotton (Eco Twist)       Cotton (Organdy)

These invitation kits can be printed and assembled at home. All utilize seed embedded paper.

Each Kit contains: 25 torn to size invitations of our handmade paper (containing flower seeds so they can be planted), 25 cut to size printer safe overlays, 25 envelopes, ribbon for attaching the overlay, punching template and online assembly instructions. Some styles contain twist to wrap around the outside. All are meant to be printed at home on your laser or inkjet printer, punched, folded (in some cases) and assembled by you.

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natural seed paper invitation kits
natural torn edge seed paper invitation kit
Lotka Seeded DIY Kits (cut edge)
From $0.50 per invitation
Lotka Seeded DIY Kits (torn edge)
From $1.15 per invitation
Invitation kit bundle
cotton diy kit
Cotton Seeded DIY Kits with Eco-Twist Paper Ribbon
From $0.95 per invitation
Cotton Seeded DIY Kits with Organdy Ribbon
From $1.13 per invitation

This is how you tie the ecotwist attachment
Threading diagram for a French Tie Ribbon Assemblage
Assembly Instructions found here


These items are required but NOT included with the kits:
-1/8" diameter hole punch
-laser/ink jet printer
-bone folder (for bifolds)
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