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Pressed Flowers

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The finishing touch to any invitation is the embellishment. Use these real pressed flowers as an adornment. Unlike most pressed flowers on the market, these are not chemically dyed. These are all natural straight from the plant to you.
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25 Heart Pressed Flowers
Minirosa Flower
Red Verbena
Purple Verbena
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 500 for $60
25 Blue Hydrangea Pressed Flowers
Mealy Sage Pressed Flowers
25 Multicaule Pressed Flowers
Blue Hydrangea
Mealy Sage
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
25 Pink Larkspur Pressed Flowers
25 Lavender Larkspur Pressed Flowers
25 White Larkspur Pressed Flowers
Pink Larkspur
Lavender Larkspur
White Larkspur
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Bulk Pack of 500 for $60
25 Queen Anne's Lace Pressed Flowers
50 Baby's Breath Pressed Flowers
25 Mini Daisy Pressed Flowers
Queen Anne's Lace
Baby's Breath
Mini Daisy
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
25 Bachelor Button Petal Pressed Flowers
25 Green Star Pressed Flowers
Purple Larkspur
Bachelor Button Petal
Green Star Flower
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 50 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Sunflower pack
Mixed flowers
Mixed hydrangea
Mixed Flowers
Mixed Hydrangea
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
25 Green Branch Pressed Flowers
25 Cedar Branch Pressed Flowers
Green Branch
Cedar Branch
Japanese Maple Leaves
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 15 for $4
25 Leather Fern Pressed Flowers
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25 Forget Me Not Pressed Flowers
Leather Fern
Forget Me Not
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 25 for $4
Oak Leaves
White Larkspur Stems
Winter Sweet Leaves
Pack of 25 for $4
Pack of 10 for $4
Pack of 15 for $4

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