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Handmade Guest Books

These guest books are made with handmade paper and measures 6.75" x 8.75". They are available in Black, Chocolate or Natural and add a gentle elegance to any event. Each book comes with a sturdy, fully lined, matching paper-wrapped display box. They contain 45 blank pages and can accommodate more than 400 guests.
Hardcover Guestbook(has blank handmade paper pages)
Handmade Hard Cover Guest Book - $25.00
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Handmade Paper Guest Books
The handmade guest books pictured below come in two sizes. The 6" x 9" serves up to 180 guests and the 8" x 10" serves up to 350 guests.
These guestbooks are softcover, the front and back cover are of the same handmade paper sheets as the inner lined pages. They have two columns of lines and the word "Guests" printed at the top of each page.
You can choose from any of the organza ribbons or eco-twist ribbon for your book binding, and any paper from our stock.
Handmade Soft Cover Guestbook
Handmade Soft Cover Guestbook
Large Guestbook
Small Guestbook - $13.50
Large Guestbook - $24


Handmade Guestbook with Ecotwist
Guest Book bound with Eco Twist
Lotka Paper Guest Book
Lotka Guestbook
6" x 9" - $12.00
7 Lined Pages - Serves 154 guests
8" x10" - $19.00
9 Lined Pages - Serves 270 guests


Lotka Guestbook
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Guestbook Pen - $17
(No wholesale discount)


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