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Large Seeded Petal Paper Hearts

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These 2.85" x 2.5"seed paper heart shapes have been die-cut from our handmade paper stock. They have 9 species of annual and perennial wildflower seeds embedded so they will sprout into a garden of flowers if planted and cared for. They are sold in sets of 24 and ship right away. The paper is made in Seattle from our 100% tree free cotton fibers.

Pink Larkspur Heart
Pink Larkspur Heart
Set of 24 Pink Larkspur $5.00
Set of 24 Purple Larkspur $5.00
Set of 100 Pink Larkspur Hearts $20.00
Set of 100 Purple #4s Larkspur Hearts $20.00
white seed paper hearts
60s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 White Seed Paper $5.00
Set of 24 Tan 60s Paper $5.00
Set of 100 White 10s Hearts $20.00
Set of 100 Tan 60s Hearts $20.00
45s seed paper hearts
47s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Recycled 45s Paper $5.00
Set of 24 #47s with visible text $5.00
Set of 100 Recycled 45s Hearts $20.00
Set of 100 #47s Junk Mail Hearts $20.00
68s seed paper hearts
34s seed paper hearts
Set of 24 Pink 68s Paper $5.00
Set of 24 Blue 34s Paper $5.00
Set of 100 Pink 68s Hearts $20.00
Set of 100 Blue #34s Hearts $20.00
14s seed paper hearts
Custom Set of 48 Large Seed Paper Hearts $10.00

Paper Selection:

Set of 24 Green 14s Paper $5.00
Set of 100 Green 14s Hearts $20.00

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