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Midori Wired Luxe Ribbon

Midori Luxe wired ribbon is the perfect choice for decorating. It has a luminescent shimmer that puts the perfect added touch to any event or accent decoration. It can be made into bows or looped thru decorations for that perfect look. Made of 100% polyester it is versatile and hardy, some colors even display two-tones. We are proud to offer it in 41 colors and 2 widths.

This wired luxe midori ribbon is 100% polyester and is available in 41 colors

Luxe Ribbon

1 3/5" x 27.3 yd. - $51.80
5" x 10.9 yd. - $42

Luxe Lagoon
Luxe Sea Spray
Luxe Rain
Luxe Jacaranda
Lagoon LX110
Sea Spray LX113
Rain LX115
Jacaranda LX111
Luxe Blue Suede
Luxe Rain Forest
Luxe Tree Frog
Luxe Maple
Blue Suede LX171
Rain Forest LX051
Tree Frog LX172
Maple LX071
Luxe Hummingbird
Luxe Fern
Luxe Lime
Luxe Cedar
Hummingbird LX050
Fern LX112
Lime LX152
Cedar LX151
Luxe Beechnut
Luxe Abalone
Luxe Passion Fruit
Luxe Gold
Beechnut LX150
Abalone LX114
Passion Fruit LX141
Gold LX201
Luxe Papaya
Luxe Celandine
Luxe Cocoa
Luxe Inca Gold
Papaya LX220
Celandine LX221
Cocoa LX200
Inca Gold LX072
Luxe Chocolate
Luxe Paprika
Luxe Tangerine
Luxe Holly Berry
Chocolate LX052
Paprika LX073
Tangerine LX191
Holly Berry LX082
Luxe Koi
Luxe Sea Star
Luxe Port
Luxe Pomegranate
Koi LX081
Sea Star LX190
Port LX041
Pomegranate LX045
Luxe Purple Haze
Luxe Ume Plum
Luxe Framboise
Luxe Pink Champagne
Purple Haze LX173
Ume Plum LX170
Framboise LX131
Pink Champagne LX101
Luxe Tourmaline
Luxe Bisque
Luxe Twilight
Tourmaline LX121
Bisque LX140
Twilight LX130
Luxe Cream
Luxe Gardenia
Luxe White
Luxe Chromite
Cream LX180
Gardenia LX102
White LX100
Chromite LX 040
Luxe Black
Black LX046
1 3/5" - $51.80
5" - $42.00

Midori Luxe Color:

Midori Luxe Color:

Generous lengths of all available colors
Luxe Sample Set - $38.00
Drop Ship Fee - $7.50
This will make your ribbon ship directly from the Midori warehouse, saving you time
Luxe Sample Cutting



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