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Midori Satin Tidings Ribbon

Midori Tidings double faced satin is the perfect way to put that personalized elegant touch on a gift. With over 25 sayings, you can match any gift or decoration perfectly.

The ribbon is 100% Polyester and available in 52 colors.

Double Faced Satin Tidings Sample Set

5/8" x 27.3 yds - $44.00

Celebration Tidings
Celebrate- Tea Rose/Black Tidings
Celebrate- Bone/Black Tidings
Celebrate- Seafoam/Black Tidings
Celebrate TS00501
Celebrate TS00503
Celebrate TS00502
Cheers- Sterling/Black Tidings
Cheers- Bone/Black Tidings
Cheers- Black/Silver Tidings
Cheers TS00512
Cheers TS00513
Cheers TS00511
Enjoy- Celadon/Black Tidings
Enjoy- Tea Rose/Black Tidings
Enjoy- Bone/Black Tidings
Enjoy TS00612
Enjoy TS00613
Enjoy 00611
Mazel Tov- Sterling/Black
Mazel Tov TS00571
Love & Weddings Tidings
Happily Ever After- Bone/Black Tidings
Happily Ever After- Cherry Blossom/Dark Gray Tidings
Happily Ever After- Powder Blue/Brown Tidings
Happily Ever After TS00541
Happily Ever After TS00542
Happily Ever After TS00543
I Do! I Do!- Alabaster/Gold Tidings
I Do! I Do!- Blond/Brown Tidings
I Do! I Do!- Bone/Black Tidings
I DO! I DO! TS00551
I DO! I DO! TS00552
I DO! I DO! TS00553
Happily Ever After- Bone/Black Tidings
Happily Ever After- Cherry Blossom/Dark Gray Tidings
Happily Ever After- Powder Blue/Brown Tidings
Happy Anniversary TS00627
Happy Anniversary TS000628
Happy Anniversary TS000626
Save the date- bone/black
Save the date- fig/brown
Save the Date! TS0561
Save the Date! TS0562
Believe TS00622
Believe TS00621
French Tidings
le bebe- Sky Blue/Black Tidings
le bebe Cherry Blossom/Black Tidings
lebebe Bone/Black Ink Tidings
Le Bebe TS00099
Le Bebe TS00098
Le Bebe TS00101
Mon Amie- Cherry Blossom/Brown Tidings
 Ooh La La- Bougainvillea/Black Ink
Mon Amie TS00107
Ooh La La TS00106
Amour TS00616
Je t'aime- cherry blossom/red Tidings
Je t'aime- bone/black Tidings
Bonjour- bone/black Tidings
Je t'aime TS00105
Je t'aime TS00100
Bonjour TS00102
Bon Appetit- Bone/Black Tidings
Bon Appetit- Black/White Gold Tidings
Bon Appetit- Garnet/white gold
Bon Appetit TS00591
Bon Appetit TS00592
Bon Appetit TS00593
Merci- bone/black Tidings
Merci TS00103
Holiday Tidings
Fig/Black Ink
Red/Yellow Gold Ink
Red/White Ink
Merry Christmas TS00352
Merry Christmas TS00351
Fa La La La TS00401
Bougainvillea/White Ink
Magnolia/Wheat Ink
Fig/Black Ink
Fa La La La TS00402
Joyeux Noel TS00111
Joyeux Noel TS00113
Red/Gold Ink
Back/Yellow Gold Ink
Black/Silver Ink
Joyeux Noel TS00116
Joyeux Noel TS00114
Joyeux Noel TS00115
Ho Ho Ho TS00581
Ho Ho Ho TS00582
Ho Ho Ho TS00583
Red/Gold Ink
Back/Yellow Gold Ink
Black/Silver Ink
Peace on Earth TS00603
Peace on Earth TS00602
Peace on Earth TS00601
Mandarin/Brown Ink
Gobble Gobble TS00452
Celebration Tiding Style:

Love & Wedding Tiding Style:

French Tiding Style:

Holiday Tiding Style:

Generous lengths of all available colors
Satin Tidings Sample Set - $46.00
Drop Ship Fee - $7.50
This will make your ribbon ship directly from the Midori warehouse, saving you time


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